Aloe Up History

Our Founding

In late 1981 Joyce Benson, a top professional golfer on the LPGA tour asked her husband RC if his company, Aloe Labs, could create a sunscreen for her and the other players on the tour.  RC owned an aloe farm and manufacturing facility in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas which farmed aloe vera plants and then processed and manufactured moisturizers, juices and gels.  Joyce loved the non greasy feel of the aloe based moisturizers they currently made and wondered if they could duplicate that feel in an aloe vera sunblock or sunscreen for her to use while playing and practicing.

Our Main Ingredient

Aloe Vera

The chemists went to work and developed a sunscreen formula using a generous base of pure aloe vera gel, sunscreens and sunblocks and waterproofing agents.  They formulated an SPF 20 lotion sunscreen and an SPF 15 lip balm and the results were amazing!  35 years later, Aloe Up has continued the tradition of aloe vera gel based sunscreen and has defined the field of luxury sun and skin care with millions of products sold to consumers all over the world. 

Science of aloe vera

the Natural difference

The science of aloe vera gel helps stimulate your immune system to naturally regenerate skin cells making it a great moisturizer and burn relief product. Aloe also reduces swelling and stops itching. What most people don’t know is aloe vera has a similar PH to your skin and is a great perpetrator. In all of our formulas, we start with a base of aloe vera to carry the sunscreen down into your pores so it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and feel greasy or wash off easily. The reason why Aloe Up works better, feels better and lasts longer.

The Future

Responsibly Made

Aloe Up we are committed to making responsible choices.  We base all of our products with pure aloe vera gel and continually update and enhance our formulas to keep Aloe Up safe for our customers as well as their environments. We pride ourselves in creating the most comfortable, clean, and effective sunscreen available.  We responsibly source ingredients and have all U.S.A based manufacturing.  We never test on animals.  Aloe Up formulas are certified biodegradable, non-greasy, reef friendly, water resistant and absorbs quickly for a comfortable and light-weight feel.  Aloe Up has you and the reef protected.