Lip Moisturizers For Every Skin Type

It’s natural to be worried about a new product if you have sensitive skin that gets easily burned by sunlight or is sensitive to oil, and if you need a medicated lip balm that does not smell or look like one. You might also be one of those who have normally drier lips that don’t benefit from the water-based formula.

If you have faced these conditions and are tired of runny, greasy lip balms that neither moisturize nor give your lips the much-needed protection from the elements, Aloe Up is here to help you out.

How Do Aloe Up Lip Balms Work?

Here’s the science behind why our lip balm works effectivel

  • Our flavored lip treatment balms are perfect for beauty and essential in lip care, boosted by aloe vera’s natural healing properti
  • Aloe based moisturizer in a lip balm with SPF helps absorb the sunscreen quicker while making your lips softer and nourish
  • The formula is not oil-based, which means it’s not greasy and does not trigger any allergic reaction like mineral oils or essential oils
  • The natural, organic lip balm gets inside the skin and sits underneath, instead of sitting on top like Vaseline products. This means your lip balm has a longer, more effective, lasting period of moisturizing treatmen
  • It’s vegan and environmentally-friendl

What’s more, our lip balms are available in your favorite flavors like cherry, mint, and many more.

Choose The Best Lip Moisturizers

Aloe Up provides an entire range of lip balm to fit the moisturizing needs of your lips. If you want naturally soft lips, explore our entire line today!

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