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Why Use Our SPF 4 Tanning Lotion?

Our aloe vera SPF 4 tanning lotion is a clean, non-greasy solution that is ideal for even dry and sensitive skin, creating a protective layer to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. You always get a feeling of pure joy whenever you get a perfect tan, don’t you? You can increase your chance of getting that perfect tan by applying our organic tanning oil lotion or spray on your body on your next visit to the beach. Tanning oils ensure you leave the beach with a golden complexion, not a sunburned one! Tan faster and more uniformly with our SPF 6 or SPF 4 tanning lotion or spray -- no more pink splotchy patches! Just a deep, long-lasting, all-over tan! Benefits include:

  • SPF protection: Be it a spray or oil, tanning products attract the sun’s UV rays to tan your skin. By using suntan oil with SPF, you can ensure that you get optimal protection.
  • All-over tanning: When our product is applied uniformly across the body, you will achieve that perfect, golden, natural-looking complexion.
  • Long-lasting protection: Our tanning oil with SPF 4 or 6 should be reapplied every 2-5 hours, depending on your skin type and preference for use. Frequent reapplication could be counterproductive, so remember -- a little goes a long way!
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Order SPF 4 Tanning Lotion

Our SPF 6 or SPF 4 tanning lotion is made with real aloe vera gel and provides you with the protection your skin needs to achieve that long-lasting, perfect tan. Contact us if you have any further questions.


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