It’s a clean, non-greasy solution that is ideal for even dry and sensitive skin, creating a protective layer to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

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Tanning Oils Characteristics

You always get a feeling of pure joy whenever you get a perfect tan, don’t you? You can increase your chance of getting that perfect tan by applying organic tanning oil on your body on your next visit to the beach. Tanning oils are known for their ability to provide you with:

  • A perfect gold complexion
  • A tan faster
  • A uniformly deep tan

Tanning Oils Usage

You should strike the right balance to get the perfect tan without damaging your natural skin. Hence, tanning oil should be used carefully to avoid any negative effects like skin allergies or sunburns. Keep the following in mind the next time you use a natural tanning oil:

  • Be it a spray or oil, tanning products attract the sun’s UV rays to tan your skin. By using tanning oil with SPF, you can ensure that you get the optimal protection.
  • It should be applied uniformly across the body to get a natural-looking complexion.
  • It should be re-applied every 2-5 hours, depending on the type of your skin and your preference. Frequent re-application could be counterproductive.

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