You Won’t Even Know You Carry the Travel-Size Sunscreen Lotion!

We know you are trying hard to keep your packing to a minimum, so we prepared a special range of travel-size sunscreen products. They come in mini containers of 1 Oz or 3 Oz so that you can fit them nicely among your toiletries.

The mini sunscreen collection contains all the products you need:

Sunscreen spray, lotion or stick

Enjoy Protection Anywhere with Our TSA-Approved Products

The products in the mini sunscreen collection are TSA-approved, meaning they are designed to meet the regulations imposed by airlines on the size of containers you carry aboard the plane. If you need to sanitize your hands or reapply lip balm, you can do it mid-flight or at the airport. 

The travel sunscreen collection contains the same high-quality products you know and trust, free of alcohol and parabens, with 35% aloe vera gel and UVA/ UVB filters. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products at 952-933-7724!

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