Are you using sunscreen correctly?


#1. Apply first thing in the morning

- Use Aloe Up SPF 30 or 50 lotion.

- Wait 30 minutes before you go in the water or sun.

- The fine application of SPF lotion is the most important because it will soak into your skin and bond, preventing sunburn.

- Aloe provides the perfect base coat.







#2. Reapply during the day    

- Reapply SPF 15, 30, or 50 lotion or spray every 2 hours while in the sun.    

- Wait 15 minutes before going back in the water.    

- Aloe Up can penetrate your skin and bond.    

#3. Moisturize at the end of the day

- Apply Aloe Ice Jelly

- Repeat before bed.

- The final application is very important.

- Do not skip this step. Aloe Ice Jelly not only aids in sunburn relief, but is the most effective moisturizer in the Aloe Up line.