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Our Main Ingredient - Aloe Vera 

Most people know a little about aloe vera gel, but not the whole story.  You know it’s good for you, it's natural and helps with burns, but why does Aloe Up work and feel so much better than other brands? Our answer is always the same — It’s the aloe vera. Most sunscreens and moisturizers are based with water or mineral oil and manufacturers may put a drop or two of aloe vera. A drop or two won’t do the trick, you must put in at least 20% by volume, of pure aloe vera gel, to get the true benefits of aloe.  Aloe Up uses at least 35%, which is the highest in the industry. 


The science of aloe vera gel helps stimulate your immune system to naturally regenerate skin cells making it a great moisturizer and burn relief product. Aloe also reduces swelling and stops itching. What most people don’t know is aloe vera has a similar PH to your skin and is a great perpetrator. In all of our formulas, we start with a base of aloe vera to carry the sunscreen down into your pores so it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and feel greasy or wash off easily. The reason why Aloe Up works better, feels better and lasts longer.



SPF 15 to SPF 50. All formulas are aloe based, non-greasy, paraben free, reef friendly, UBA/UVB broad spectrum, water resititant (80 minutes).  All sunscreen productions are available in lotions, sticks and sprays.  A full complement of the finest sunscreens available.  Great for the beach and all sports.


Aloe Up goes on light and is non-greasy.  Works all day in and out of the water.  Doesn’t run in your eyes and sting.

After Sun Care

Refresh and hydrate your skin after spending time in the sun with our After Sun Lotion, For the Face Daily Moisturizer, and Aloe Ice Gel.  Aloe Up moisturizers are based with aloe vera gel.  This paraben free moisturizer includes coconut oil, acai berry, green tea and vitamin E and helps prevent further damage to your skin.


The high concentration of aloe vera gel stimulates your immune system to reproduce skin cells.  Great for moisturizing and skin repair while remaining light and non-greasy.


SPF 15 and SPF 30 Medicated lip balms are aloe based.  Products include Sport collection, Lip Ice, Aloe Kote 25 and Aloe Kote Plus Medicated.  All formulas are aloe Based, non-Greasy, and glide on smoothly. Available in tubes, sticks and jars.


Aloe Up’s lip products go on so smoothly plus they feel and taste great.  The SPF of 15, 25 or 30 keeps the sun’s harmful rays at bay while moisturizing your lips.

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