Sunscreen Spray vs Lotion-The Difference


You are probably familiar with both types of sunscreen, but do you know why companies might make sunscreen spray and lotion and which is best suited for your preference and needs? In this article we will try to explain the key differences between them so you can make sure you’re purchasing the right one along with the drawbacks of each.

Aloe Up Spray and Lotion Sunscreen

Spray Sunscreen:

Benefits –
Spray sunscreen is a popular option because its application is simple and reaches difficult areas such as your back and shoulders. It is also lightweight and typically non-greasy, which makes it ideal for individuals who are sensitive to how it feels on their body. Additionally, due to its convenience, it also makes it easier to reapply frequently as needed when spending time outdoors.

Drawbacks –
The ease of use that spray provides may raise a few concerns. Due to the fine particles produced, if there is a lack of proper ventilation where the spray is applied, there is a chance of the user inhaling some of the ingredients in the sunscreen and/or propellant which is harmful in large amounts. Sprays are also flammable which can be more dangerous in very hot weather - so it is best to store them in a cool area away from open flames. Lastly, it is easier to miss some areas using spray sunscreen. So it is important to rub the area you spray to make sure you are getting full coverage.

Lotion Sunscreen:

Sunscreen lotion is easy to see where you are applying it so you can ensure you receive full coverage. Whether the product is lightweight, greasy, or heavy, depends on preference and brand. Any broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF will do a great job at warding off harmful rays. Additionally, some sunscreen lotions contain nourishing ingredients that can also moisturize and hydrate your skin. Lotion sunscreens are best suited for drier skin-types and should be reapplied every two hours if engaging in activities that cause sweating or swimming.

Drawbacks –
Mineral Sunscreen lotion can leave a white-cast after application. Oily or acne-prone skin types may experience irritation because some lotions may encourage more oil production and clog pores if they contain moisturizing properties. Lastly, frequent reapplication is needed especially if using a mineral-based sunscreen. Some Sunscreen lotion brands may also feel sticky and uncomfortable.

How Aloe Up Can Help You Decide

Whether you prefer spray or lotion, we have it. Our UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen provides a non-greasy application that still leaves skin hydrated and rejuvenated due to our aloe vera infused formula which is ideal for individuals with dry, oily, or combination skin types. All of our sunscreen is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and 100% reef-friendly, non-comedogenic and doesn’t clog pores. It really is the most comfortable and versatile sunscreen on the market.

Aloe Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion Aloe Up Sport SPF 30 Spray


Aloe Up Sunscreen Spray Review

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