Sunbathing or Healthy Skin? With Organic Sunscreen, You Can Have Both!

Your day at the beach or camping outdoors will be filled with sun, joy, and no fears of sunburns! The White Collection natural sunscreen range has everything you need to protect your skin from UV rays:

If somehow you got sunburned, our range of products with aloe offers relief with: the aloe ice sunburn relief jelly, with its fresh texture and cooling effects.

Everyone in Your Family Will Love This Natural Sunscreen

When we created the White Collection, we thought of everyone in the family. The spray is quick and easy to apply, even on small children who never stay put. As for the scent for the lip balm, we took into consideration everyone’s tastes:

  • Natural
  • Coconut-mango
  • Citrus
  • Pina Colada

The organic sunscreen range also contains a medicated lip balm, recommended for chapped, dry lips.

All the products in the White Collection contain 35% or more aloe vera gel and paraben-free sunscreen elements. Get in touch with us to discover your ideal natural sunscreen option: call 952-933-7724!

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