Q: Why Aloe Up over any other sunscreen brand?

It's because of our main ingredient!  Aloe Up's main ingredient is right in our name, aloe.  While active ingredients in sunscreens are similar, offering UV defense, it is the other ingredients that make the difference.  Most other sunscreen and moisturizer producers base their products with water or mineral oil and then maybe add a drop or two of the aloe vera gel.  The minimum aloe ingredient recommended by the pharmaceutical industry for aloe based products to work by volume is 20%, we use a minimum of 35% in our lotion formulas.  Essentially, Aloe Up products have a very high aloe content harvested straight from the plant. By using 35-95% natural aloe vera gel in all of our products it protects your skin from the dangers of the sun.   When aloe vera gel is applied to your skin, it penetrates, instead of sitting on top, for longer lasting protection.  Our products contain more aloe content by volume than any other known sun care product.

Q: Will Aloe Up run in my eyes?

Nope!  Aloe is the same PH as the skin, thus is super moisturizing and saturates the upper dermis layers without blocking pores.  Because of the aloe vera gel base, the non-greasy Aloe Up products will quickly be absorbed into your skin instead of sitting on top of it.  This is fabulous for active sun-lovers.  You can continue to have a great time outdoors without sunscreen running into your eyes and burning.

Q: If I am an athlete which product will work best for me?

Our Aloe Up Sport formula was designed with the extreme athlete in mind.  Just like our other formulas, Aloe Up Sport has a 35% by volume pure aloe vera gel base that provides moisture while also protecting from UVA/UVB rays. All our sunscreens leave no greasy residue and are water resistant (80 minutes) enabling top performance for all activities knowing Aloe Up will not run in your eyes while protecting you from the sun’s damaging rays.  Look for Aloe Up Sport in golf shops, ski resorts, surf stores, sporting goods retailers and many National Parks.  Aloe Up is also sold in over 60 countries worldwide.  

Q: Where is Aloe Up made?

Every Aloe Up product starts with Aloe plants that are organically grown and processed in the USA.  The Aloe Barbadenis plant is exclusively used by Aloe Up because its hardy nature doesn't require pesticides for protection.  

Q: Can Aloe Up customize my order?

Of course! We would love to have your company name or brand on our product.  For more information on custom orders, visit www.aloeuppromo.com

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